Namibia’s vision is to be the company that best understands how to satisfy the essential renewable energy needs of the off-grid urban and rural communities in Namibia and neighbouring countries. Their mission is ‘to contribute to economic growth through solar energy development for the benefit of the people and the planet’. It plans to expand into neighbouring SADC countries over the next two years and forge strategic local and international partnerships for meaningful and prosperous business growth.  It will create a huge economy of scale in sourcing and logistics for the region through its strategic hub in Walvis Bay.

Taatisolar Namibia (Pty) Ltd is a Namibian-Dutch Joint-Venture. The focus of the business is on 12V DC Solar solutions and appliances.  

Taatisolar is a certified solar supplier under the MME Revolving Fund.


To contribute and support the economic growth and sustainable development of our people and our environment 


To be the company that best understands how to satisfy the most essential renewable energy needs of the off-grip urban and rural areas in Namibia.


To extend this offering to the rest of Southern Africa.


To become the number one solution in renewable and solar energy.


To remain financially sustainable, transparent and in compliance with the laws of Namibia and any other Southern African countries into which we expand.


Taatisolar was established in 2017 as a Dutch-Namibian joint venture. The company is importing and distributing Solar Home Systems (SHS) and DC solar powered appliances to off-grid markets in Namibia and aspires to expand into neighbouring countries. Its business model is aiming at financial sustainability with a developmental social impact. It considers all off-grid areas in the SADC countries as its market, provided it can be economically supplied using Walvis Bay as its main logistic hub. 


Taatisolar has been growing from a sustainably small start-up and is operating from three locations in Namibia. Procedures are now in place and a stable organization has been built. The first quarter 2020 was fully geared to expansion and breaking into new markets, set-up of warehousing and appointing personnel in Windhoek. 


Covid-19 has slowed down the process for 3 months but has since been picking up as from July 2020.  The company is currently in full preparation phase for the scale-up driven by several bulk local retail chains as well as two newly acquired export customer in South Africa with a presence in Zimbabwe as well. 


A marketing and sales office has been established in Cape Town in October 2020.



Supplying essential energy products to off-grid urban and rural communities in Namibia and neighbouring countries.


Mobile: +264 81 1279493

Email: info@taatisolar.com

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