Solar Road
Lighting Solutions

A breakthrough in cost effectiveness and reliability.

A breakthrough in solar powered LED road, street and area lighting which offers reliable, efficient and cost effective lighting solutions per km of road. This has the potential to transform urban and rural life in areas of the world which do not have access to the electricity grid or where the grid is unreliable.

Ov Phone Charging Business Pack

55w crystalline solar panel with 5m cable,
12AH Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery,
1*4W LED, 1*Mobile Phone Charging Station
2 years warranty on lighting pack,
1*(1m+2m+3m) Cable+1*3m Extend Cable,
Muliti Cellphone Charging Cable, 32lm mini torch,  MPPT,  battery balance protection, active HVD and LVD, remaining charge & discharge time display,   SOC display, over temperature protection, water proof body design
Fully charge 20-30 cellphones per day



Hydraloop is an innovative in-house water
recycling system which collects up to 74 litres per day of shower, bath and washing machine water, cleans and disinfects it, herewith recycling up to 85% of total
in-house domestic water used.
The water can be reused for lavatory flushing, washing machine, garden irrigation or to top up your swimming pool.

Hydraloop reduces up to 45% of water usage, up to 45% of sewage emission and
reduces your energy consumption & carbon footprint. 

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